Hazar Dibek

About Us

Our company Hazar Dibek Coffee was founded in 2019. Hazar Dibek Coffee, where the traditional taste appeals to all age groups, has a taste left on the palate that is very difficult to describe with its 7 kinds of completely organic products, taste, smell, coffee grounds and foam, it is easy to drink, its smell is perfect and its taste is the embodiment of traditional Turkish coffee. The coffee beans that we buy are from reliable suppliers who have achieved quality standards which we produce with very special roasting technique, the tubers of the wild orchid plant that grows naturally on the high parts of the Taurus Mountains, are collected and dried for 6 months and ground on stone mills and prepared, thus original sahlep is obtained. The combination of carob powder, the best coffee cream, chocolate and cardamom made this traditional taste unique. Our company that always studies on our product range in order to serve you undiscovered tastes, targets to increase product diversity with R&D activities continuously. Hazar Dibek Coffee, as required by its policy, prioritizes high quality and the expectations of its customers. The production system, which has been moved from the kitchen to the factory, has been established by considering hygiene and health standarts.